The Serverless API Gateway is a powerful open-source solution designed to make your API management tasks straightforward and efficient. At its core, the gateway leverages the robust infrastructure of Cloudflare Workers, enabling you to deploy and run your APIs at the edge with unprecedented speed and scalability. While the API Gateway itself is completely free to use, the only costs to consider are those associated with Cloudflare Workers. These costs are typically minimal, especially for smaller applications, thanks to Cloudflare's generous free tier. As you scale your application, Cloudflare Workers offer competitive pricing options to ensure your costs remain manageable.

Cloudflare Workers Cost

You can find details of pricing here.


Let's calculate the potential cost of a Serverless API Gateway, using real-life metrics from an existing user. Here are the metrics:

Based the metrics it is safe to say Serverless API Gateway CPU time average is around 2ms. Here is estimated cost based on request per day.

You can fin calculation as Google Sheets here. Follow our Serverless API Gateway Blog to checkout comparisons with other API Gateway solutions.

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